Alliance of Polish Clubs

Programs and Services

The Alliance of Polish Clubs offers immigration, tax and security consultations. These services are provided free of charge by state or federal institutions. One of organizations associated with the Alliance is the Chicago Katyn Memorial Construction Committee which, aiming at commemorating and preserving the knowledge of history, constructed a Katyn Memorial at St. Adalbert Cemetery in Niles, IL. Having completed its’ mission, the Committee has been  dissolved in May of 2010. A Katyn Memorial Preservation Fund was established to  maintain the Monument. Another associated organization, the Polish Constitution Day Parade Committee, headed by APC Chairman, is in charge of organizing the largest Polish parade outside of Poland. The parade is attended by approximately 150 contingents including Polish Saturday schools, Polish-American organizations, parochial and veteran organizations, scouting groups, businesses, orchestras and politicians. It is the largest such demonstration of Polish heritage outside of Poland The parade is held annually on the first Saturday in May. Nearly 20,000 people, primarily young ones, march in the Parade which draws from 50,000 to 200,000 spectators each year. The Alliance also supports a Polish Saturday School. Other institutions associated with the Alliance include  The Union of Polish Writers Abroad, “Rzepicha” People’s Theater, The Padarewski Choir and the F. Chopin Choir. Alliance hall is provided free of charge for events held by the Polish Choirs and the Association of Friends of Polish Uhlans in the US.

Officers and Directors:

President: Jan Kopec
Vice President:
I. Maria Majchrowski
II. Maria Boduch
III. Wladyslaw Szara
IV. Jozefa Pierdos

General Secretary: Jan Bator
Treasurer: Ewa Ruminski
Financial Secretary: Maria Rysz
Correspondent: Dr. Lucja Mirowska Kopec

Directors: Ireneusz Baran, Miroslaw Ilecki, Ludwik Kaplon, John Kucmierz, Jadwiga Leonowicz, Stanislaw Magnuszewski, Robert Nicpon, Alicja Pierzchala, Jozef Policht, Alina Szymczyk